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What we know about Fortnite season 10

Data miners found interesting information about the new season.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s season 10 is approaching. It starts on Aug. 1 and players are sure it’ll bring a new Battle Pass with exclusive cosmetic and weekly challenges, new map areas, and other feature additions as usual.

Although Epic Games has been quiet about what it’s adding to Fortnite when the next season starts, data miners found a lot of information hidden in the season nine v9.40 update, which seems to be the last major patch of the season. None of the reported data these people found is confirmed and some of it is open to interpretation.

But since many of these leaks are clear and come from trusted data miners, we can guess that they’re likely real and will be confirmed once season 10 starts. We’ve compiled some of the leaks here. This is what we know so far about what’s coming in Fortnite season 10.

Robot vs. Monster aftermath

Fortnite players have seen the Polar Peak monster approaching and swimming around the island. In the meantime, a drone was building a giant robot at Pressure Plant that’s now complete. These two creatures, and the now-revealed Fortbyte image that shows a fight between them, almost confirm that season nine will end with that combat.

Players can expect this fight to lead to major map changes in season 10. This should happen like when the volcano eruption destroyed Tilted Towers and Retail Row in season eight, leading to Neo Tilted and Mega Mall in season nine.

It will last 10 weeks

Next season will be shorter than season nine, data miners found. Some strings mention that the season 10 Battle Pass will last from its release date, Aug. 1, through Oct. 10. That means it’ll last 10 weeks, which is the usual duration of Fortnite seasons. 

A new cosmetic item, Charms

Data miner HYPEX found references in the game files to what seems to be a new category of cosmetic items coming for season 10: Charms. There are no images or descriptions of them, however.

If they work like in other games that have charms, such as Rainbow Six: Siege, they’ll be small badges that players can attach to their weapons.

Battle Pass gifting

A string called “BattlePassGift” was added to the Fortnite game files in the v9.40 update, which can mean that players will be able to buy and send the season 10 Battle Pass to friends. Today, all players can gift to others are Item Shop cosmetics, and it’s impossible to give away cosmetics from Store bundles or event rewards as well.

We’ll update this story as we learn more about Fortnite season 10.