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Fortnite’s Polar Peak monster has been spotted swimming again

Will it ever fight the giant robot at Pressure Plant?

Screengrab via Epic Games

Fortnite’s season nine lore is unfolding quickly, and one of its key parts—the monster that burst from inside the Polar Peak iceberg—has been spotted again.

Players saw what seems to be the Ice Castle that used to be at Polar Peak swimming in the ocean. This is the second time players have seen this happening, and that likely means the creature that was inside the iceberg is taking the castle for a swim on its back.

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The difference is that now there’s a giant robot being assembled at Pressure Plant, and both players and data miners believe season nine will end with an epic battle between the creature and this robot.

The only effective change the Polar Peak creature brought to Fortnite was the destruction of the Ice Castle. But this was a small change that simply made that location a bit less interesting for players to look for loot. When it did so, players saw footprints heading toward Snobby Shores and disappearing there, which is a clue that the creature is really in the ocean.

Other players confirmed that they also saw the creature swimming during their matches. Despite it being somewhat close to the Fortnite island, it hasn’t caused any destruction or changes anywhere. So far, the creature seems to be warning players that it’ll return to the island soon.

Players should learn the outcome of the creature’s movement and the robot’s construction as we approach the season nine end date. Fans should get to see the aftermath of whatever happens between the two and how they’ll be used as part of the season 10 background story.

Fortnite’s season 10 will start when season nine ends on Aug. 1.