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Fortnite’s Polar Peak creature is swimming with the Ice Castle

This raises more questions.

Screengrab via Epic Games

The mysterious creature in Fortnite’s Polar Peak seems to be gone from the island since last week’s v9.20 update. After players saw its huge eye inside the iceberg in Polar Peak, the creature apparently broke the iceberg and walked toward the west coast of the island, taking the Ice Castle with it.

And now players found evidence that the Polar Peak creature took the Ice Castle for a stroll.

A user on Reddit has spotted the Ice Castle swimming in the sea. Unless it’s been turned into a boat, it shouldn’t be moving by itself. Everyone’s best guess is that the Polar Peak creature is swimming with the castle attached to its back.

What’s most impressive is that other footage makes it seem like the Ice Castle is undamaged. Its big tower seems to be there, and the creature is moving slow enough for the castle’s structure to remain intact. The creature even takes the castle for a dive a few times, which doesn’t seem to affect its rocky structure at all.

This event brings new questions to the table. Fans are wondering why the creature is swimming around the Fortnite island and if the Ice Castle and the creature are one. Could the whole Ice King and castle plot be centered around a mythical creature that has a castle as a shell?

Fortnite players should expect weekly developments in this storyline. After this week’s update is live, the creature should start moving closer to the island and be easier to spot. That’s when we expect to be able to investigate it closer through Replay mode and understand what’s happened to the Ice Castle.