Faker and Teddy featured in another Wild Rift ad for Korea

Korean fans can play the game already.

Screengrab via Google Play Korea

A new advertisement for the mobile port of League of Legends, Wild Rift, recently appeared on YouTube featuring Faker and Teddy. This video comes just two weeks after another advertisement that featured the T1 duo.

The 30-second ad showcases the duo picking Ashe and Fizz in Wild Rift while sitting outside. The T1 duo ends up losing the game against two girls who are playing Wild Rift while sitting in an aquarium.

Earlier this week, Riot Games released a gameplay trailer for Wild Rift featuring multiple popular champions. While the kits in Wild Rift mostly remain the same as they are in League, summoners will find that some adjustments were made to allow for easier mobile play, especially on champions that rely on skill shots.

Wild Rift has been getting a lot of publicity recently with Korea receiving open beta access a couple of days ago. Alongside Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand also got access. This will give fans in those regions a head start in learning the game compared to players from Europe or North America, who will have to wait a couple more months before getting access to the mobile port of League.

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