Emergency hotfix coming to Pokémon UNITE on Nov. 16, will focus on Alolan Ninetails’ stat bug

Some unintentional stat changes are going to be fixed.

Image via the Pokémon Company

Just days after the game’s most recent update, TiMi Studio has already confirmed a new hotfix is going to be released on Nov. 16 to fix some bugs in Pokémon UNITE

The main bug that the developers will be patching involves Alolan Ninetails, a Pokémon that received several buffs in UNITE’s version update

According to TiMi, Alolan Ninetails’ Special Attack stat is “incorrect” and is causing the Pokémon to perform worse in early-game situations despite the balance patch. Instead of a flat increase, players digging through the game’s data discovered that the Ice/Fairy-type now has a very inconsistent late-game scaling pattern that closely resembles Gardevoir.

Because of this seemingly unintentional scaling change, Alolan Ninetails sees small increases early, is slightly worse off statistically when it evolves at level four post-patch, and can’t take full advantage of its new stats. TiMi has noticed this and will be making the necessary changes with a hotfix update that will go live at 1am CT on Nov. 16. 

It is unclear if this update will simply be a patch for Alolan Ninetails or if the developers will use this chance to implement even more changes to the game. No matter what happens with this hotfix, UNITE will get another big update on Nov. 19 with the release of the next playable Pokémon, Decidueye.