EA hopes to release Apex Legends Mobile globally this summer

A new battle royale title is coming to mobile really soon.

Image via Electronic Arts

Apex Legends Mobile is one of the most anticipated upcoming mobile games. It’s been over a year since the game was publicly announced, and fans will likely have to wait just a few more months to play the game.

In the FAQ section of a new Apex Legends Mobile page on the official website of Electronic Arts, the company said that it’s “hopeful” for a full launch this summer. This means that if everything goes according to plan, players can expect the game to release somewhere between June and September 2022.

Screengrab via EA

While an exact release date hasn’t been revealed, players can pre-register for the game to be notified when it’s available in their country. EA launched pre-registrations worldwide on the Google Play Store yesterday and the game has already seen more than 7.5 million players signing up, according to EA.

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Right now, Apex Legends Mobile is in a limited regional launch in 10 countries around the world to test the game before a complete release. In the limited regional launch, players can enjoy many modes, including the classic BR on World’s Edge, Team Deathmatch, Mini BR, three-vs-three Arenas, and Ranked BR. There are also nine different characters to choose from.

Since the game is built from the ground up exclusively for mobile devices, it doesn’t support cross-platform play with consoles and PC. EA has also said that it will be bringing some mobile-only maps and legends in the future.