Apex Legends Mobile has been released in 10 countries

The game has entered a "limited regional launch" ahead of its global release later this year.

Image via Electronic Arts

After months of waiting, Apex Legends Mobile is finally edging closer to an official global release. Today, Electronic Arts released the mobile battle royale title on Android and iOS devices in 10 countries.

The 10 countries which have been included in this “limited regional launch” are Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia. If you are in these countries, you can download the game through the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

EA has said the game will be released later this year and assured fans it will be “worth the wait.” The regional launch will be used to test the “matchmaking and progression systems, backend infrastructure, in-game commerce, and regional live operations capabilities.” EA has encouraged players to provide feedback so that they can improve the game before a wider release.

In this limited regional launch, players will be able to drop into the battlefield with nine different legends: Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Wraith, Bangalore, Octane, Mirage, Pathfinder, and Caustic. The modes in this limited launch include the classic Battle Royale on the game’s World’s Edge map, Team Deathmatch, Mini Battle Royale, 3v3 Arenas, and Ranked Battle Royale.

Players will also be able to test the Store in Apex Legends Mobile, where they can purchase time-limited Store Vaults, Lite Crates, Apex Packs, and more. There is also a Premium Battle Pass and PremiumPLUS Battle Pass available to purchase.

The store will be live in the game until May 3. Progression from the limited regional launch won’t carry over to the main game when it releases globally, though. EA has assured players that any in-game purchase made during this time will be converted to an equal in-game currency and be credited back to players’ accounts along with a 25 percent bonus.

Players in the limited regional launch regions will also receive other rewards for downloading and playing the game. This includes a limited badge (after two matches), a limited gun charm (five matches), and a banner frame (10 matches). These items will be given to players when the game enters a worldwide launch later this year.