Disguised Toast dished out $5,000 worth of Twitch subs because of one Pokémon

Well he certainly kept his word.

Screengrab via DisguisedToast

Disguised Toast, one of Twitch’s most popular variety streamers, has been getting a lot of mileage out of the new Pokémon title, Sword and Shield. But he hasn’t had much luck with shiny hunting so far.

Last night, for instance, he promised his stream that if he didn’t finally find the shiny Pokémon he’s been looking for, a shiny Wooloo, he’d give 1,000 subscriptions to his own channel for free to his viewers. And he didn’t find the shiny Wooloo.

After a long 15-hour stream, he gave up. And with that, it was time to dish out the subs. Luckily (especially lucky for 1,000 of his fans), he’s a man of his word, and at the end of his stream, he followed through. And $5,000 worth of subscriptions isn’t a small thing to give out.

Although it wasn’t a shining moment of triumph for Toast, it was for a large handful of lucky viewers. And if you’re lucky, you might catch him on his next stream failing to find another shiny. You may even get a free sub of your own, too.