Dataminers find unreleased Holowear in latest Pokémon UNITE update

There is plenty to come.

Image via the Pokémon Company

Dataminers have been busy unearthing all the secrets the latest update to Pokémon UNITE has to offer, including a handful of currently unreleased Holowear options.

Along with the mobile release of the game, Patch 1.2 brought with it plenty of new features such as a brand new Battle Pass, some new items, and of course new Holowear.

There were many additions available with the update, but some other options are yet to be released. These include Firefighter Style Blastoise, a winter-themed Slowbro, and a new look for Alolan Ninetales.

There was also Holowear for the currently unreleased Pokémon Sylveon. While the introduction of the species has been confirmed, there is yet to be an official date for when it will come.

According to further leaks, the Alolan Ninetales Holowear will be a legendary skin, boasting matching clothing options for players and a player icon frame.

Seeing as these weren’t released on launch, but were introduced during this update, they could be set to join the game before the next major update. But this has not been confirmed. Right now, players eager to pick up these new looks will have to wait for an announcement of their official release.