CoD: Mobile Season 3, Radial Raid, has started rolling out globally

Download the update before the season begins.

Image via Activision

The launch time for Call of Duty: Mobile’s season three is over a day away, but Activision has started rolling out the new content update coming to the game. 

The update is being released gradually so players in some regions may have to wait longer for it to arrive. You can open the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store to check if it’s been released. The size of the update is over 1GB so make sure you have enough storage available before downloading it. 

Once the update has been downloaded, you will be able to access the new season as soon as it begins on March 30 at 7pm CT. 

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Season three is called Radical Raid and it’s bringing a new map, weapon, operator skill, and more to the game. The season will also mark the beginning of a new Ranked Series with players’ ranks being reset. 

The new map coming to CoD: Mobile in season three is the Miami Strike, which was first seen in Black Ops Cold War. The weapon is the fast-firing MAC-10 SMG, which dominates at close range. Reactor Core is the latest operator skill arriving into CoD: Mobile. A new attachment for the AK-47, known as the GRU Combo Grip, is also coming this season.

The Reactor Core and the MAC-10 can be unlocked at tiers 14 and 21 of the battle pass, respectively. The GRU Combo Grip will be released with the Popular Arms Only seasonal challenge in early April.