Call of Duty: Mobile’s season 9 is making big changes to weapon progression and unlocking

Weapons can be upgraded beyond level 50.

Image via Activision

The season nine update for Call of Duty: Mobile is the biggest one yet, with a ton of new features dropping. This includes the Gunsmith, Shipment 1944 map, and huge changes to the battle royale mode.

With the release of Gunsmith, Activision is also changing how weapons will be classified and upgraded in the game. Unlocking weapons will also become easier. These changes were revealed in a community update on Reddit yesterday.

Weapon Progression

Season nine of the game will see all weapons separated into different types with each having a different XP system. In the past, different variants (skins) for the same weapon had to be upgraded separately. The highest level any variant of your weapon currently has will become the level of that entire type in season nine.

Another major change is that weapons can now be upgraded beyond level 50. Players will unlock a new attachment at every level. This makes sense as a lot of new attachments are coming with the Gunsmith.

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Unlocking Weapons

Obtaining weapons is getting a lot easier in the upcoming season. All weapons will be unlockable by just grinding the game in “different systems.” This includes player level rewards, gunsmith missions, and the free battle pass.

Owning or acquiring any variant of a weapon will unlock the gun in season nine.

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Other changes

  • Each weapon will also be getting a variety of camos which can be unlocked by completing missions or advancing levels in the game.
  • Blueprints have been introduced in place of legendary and epic variants of different guns. These are “pre-made weapons” that will enable players to utilize a specific design or setup for a gun.
  • Weapons of lower rarity will become camos. These can be applied to the weapons in the Gunsmith of season nine.
  • Reticles, charms, and stickers are also coming and can be added to guns.
  • There will be 10 loadouts available in the Gunsmith which players will have to unlock. This makes sense as the Gunsmith will allow players to make a variety of customizations.
  • The Gunsmith can be used to create five custom loadouts for the battle royale mode as well. These loadouts can be accessed through airdrops.
  • Another change in the battle royale mode is that attachments will already be attached to weapons. In place of these, players will have to scout the map for specific “gun mods.” These will grant different perks to weapons.