Here’s what’s coming to CoD: Mobile’s battle royale mode in season 9

The battle royale mode is becoming like Warzone.

Image via Activision

A recent public test build (beta) for Call of Duty: Mobile unveiled a lot of exciting features that are coming to the game’s battle royale mode. 

While the build was used to test out upcoming features in the ninth and tenth seasons of the game, Activision confirmed today what players can expect in the ninth season. Season nine of CODM will likely begin on Aug. 8 at 7pm CT. 

Here’s everything coming to Call of Duty: Mobile’s battle royale mode in season nine.

Weapon loot system

A revamped weapon loot system will drop in season nine. Players will now be able to preset customized loadouts using the new Gunsmith feature. This loadout can then be obtained through airdrop arsenals in a battle royale match. 

The major change in this loot system is that attachments are already equipped to weapons. 

New items

Along with the new weapon loot system, gun mods are coming to the battle royale mode. These mods can be equipped to weapons to gain specific perks. The mods that are in the public test build were: 

  • Dense Fire Mod: This reduces the spread of gunfire. 
  • Dead Silence Mod: When this is equipped, gunfire will not be visible on the enemies’ minimaps. 
  • Long Shot Mod: This increases the range of weapons.
  • Extend Mod: This will reduce the reload time of weapons and increase the ammo capacity as well.

Armor plates will also be available on Isolated from season nine. These can be equipped to repair damaged armor. Players will still have to scout for armor of different levels, though. The plates can only be used to repair damaged ones. 

Intro animation

A new intro animation, similar to the one in Call of Duty: Warzone, is coming with season nine as well. It displays the players preparing to jump off the aircraft and parachute onto the map. 

The names of different locations are also now displayed hovering over the respective destination. This will make parachuting easier. 

Kill effects

Some new kill effects have been added to the game. These will only be present on certain weapons, however. 

Water reflection optimizations

A major setback in the picturesque battle royale map was the poor water animations. Activision will be fixing this in season nine with some reflection optimizations. 

The water will now reflect the surrounding areas to look more realistic. 

Drop locations

Four new areas are being added to Isolated: Campground, Radar Base, Dormitory, and Outpost.