Call of Duty: Mobile upcoming features release date unveiled

Fans have a lot of reasons to be excited.

Image via Activision

Activision has revealed a roadmap for the release of upcoming features to Call of Duty: Mobile. The season seven update for the game dropped yesterday.

The update brought a lot of interesting features to the game including new modes, maps, weapons, and more. Some of these, however, have still not been released in the game.

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The releases for these will be as follows:

  • Gulag map: Late June
  • Radiated Sector Event: Mid-June
  • Attack of the Undead mode: Mid-June
  • Gunfight mode: Late June
  • Cluster Strike scorestreak: Early June
  • Battle Royale class Smoker: Early July
Image via Activision

Other additions in the season seven update are already live. This includes a massive expansion to the battle royale map with as many as seven new locations added. The map has also received vending machines and a ballroom. Tanks are the newest vehicles in the game which will arrive through an airdrop on the battle royale map.

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A new CoD: Mobile exclusive multiplayer map, Tunisia has been released as well. It’s a large map in an urban setting that was playable in a beta release of the game in early 2019. It has now finally been added to the global version.

Two new weapons, Man-O-War and QQ9 have can be played in the game.