Call of Duty: Mobile to get exclusive multiplayer map in Season 1

Reclaim is set in an abandoned city.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season one 2021, called New Order, is expected to begin early next week. As the new season approaches, Activision has slowly been revealing what players can expect in it.

Today, a new map was confirmed for the new season. It is called Reclaim and will be a new Call of Duty: Mobile exclusive multiplayer map. It is a medium-sized map set in the marketplace of an abandoned city.

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Players who participated in CODM’s public test build in December 2020 will be familiar with the map as it was playable in the test. It was called Rebirth in the test build, however.

In a map snapshot that was released today, Activision recommended the Striker shotgun as the weapon of choice on Reclaim. This is because of the narrow walkways and more close-range fights on the map.

Image via Activision

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Other than the new map, two weapons are coming in season one. These could be the Famas burst rifle and the SKS marksman rifle.

Some new modes are also making their way to CoD: Mobile in the upcoming season. One of these is the Attack of the Undead featuring 20 players on a single map. Another new battle royale mode is also coming, although Activision hasn’t released any details about it.