Blissey is now available in Pokémon UNITE

A new healer enters the mix.

Blissey Unite
Images via The Pokémon Company

A new healer has entered the mix in Pokémon UNITE.

Blissey is now available to purchase and play within the game. It’s a surprise addition, since most fans were expecting defender type Blastoise to be the next addition to the game, but TiMi seems to be holding back its launch for a later date.

The Pokémon, prevalent in the anime for its healing abilities, will look to do the same in UNITE. But the Pokémon isn’t only a strong healer. Blissey also boasts one of the highest HP stats out of any Pokémon in the main series with the trade-off being one of the lowest defense stats. This could potentially factor into the character’s in-game kit, but it’s too early to say given the limited footage of the Pokémon in action.

Blissey’s moveset includes Egg Bomb, Refresh, Softboiled, and Heal Pulse. The Pokémon also have its extremely powerful Unite move, Bliss Assistance, which will help to quickly reach allies and provide support in tight situations.

You can purchase Blissey now from the in-game store for a price of 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Gems. With its kit, Blissey is likely going to be a staple in play, providing some stiff competition for Eldegoss, previously the game’s sole healer.

Coming alongside Blissey is quite a hefty patch with plenty of balancing changes for more than 10 Pokémon. A new “Berry Style” Snorlax Holowear is also available to earn through the Aeos Energy rewards system.

A Pokémon Presents will take place tonight which could have further information pertaining to UNITE’s mobile release, or other new additions that could make their way into the game soon.