Best tanks in League of Legends: Wild Rift

These are the best tank picks available in Wild Rift right now.

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League of Legends’ new mobile experience, Wild Rift, boasts a familiar roster of characters. The current roster of 47 includes some of the most popular options from League.

To function in the smaller mobile title medium, some champions have experienced changes to their kit. The smaller Rift that’s used in the mobile game also changes some of the options in each lane, giving some champs a small advantage over others.

With the mobile game’s setup being the same as in regular League, champion roles are just as important as ever. Having a tank champion on your team is integral to increasing your team’s fighting potential and overall granting a better chance to claim victory.

Here are some of the best tank champions in Wild Rift right now.


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Of all the champions added to Wild Rift, Blitzcrank might be the most powerful. While his core kit is the same, he’s substantially more effective due to the different playstyle. New players can usually duel with most other champions regardless of Blitzcrank being a support pick. As the game progresses, Wild Rift will suggest items to the player that should be built. For Blitzcrank, these are all you need to turn him into a powerhouse. With his abilities like the Rocket Grab pull allowing him to separate enemies from their team and eliminate them before a teamfight has started, he’s the perfect support in the game and easily the best tank in Wild Rift.    


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One of the strongest champions in Wild Rift, Garen is the perfect tank choice for your team. When built correctly, Garen becomes a goliath with an excellent health pool as well as the ability to deal out damage when necessary. With Garen’s passive, Perseverance, he can quickly regenerate health while out of combat and be ready to hop back in the action. Right now, Garen is one of the best tank picks in the game with an incredibly low difficulty to play.


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It’s no secret Amumu has been a nightmare for League players since the move into the preseason—and Wild Rift is no exception. The jungle champion is perfect for executing ganks with the ability to grab onto enemies across the smaller lanes in Wild Rift. As in League, Amumu is a pure tank who, if left to farm, can become a serious problem once the game reaches the later stages.


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A popular top lane champion, Nasus is powerful and can become somewhat unkillable later in the game. With the ability to gain stacks on Siphoning Strike with each minion kill, players can focus on building health items that will scale nicely. Once adequate stacks have been collected, Siphoning Strike has the power to take out weaker champions in a single blow. Given he’s a top lane champion, Nasus’ best playstyle is to remain in his lane and farm stacks until he absolutely must leave the lane. Out of all the tank champions in Wild Rift, Nasus is likely the one to deal the most devastating damage.


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Often played as both a support and in the top lane, Malphite is one of the more versatile tank options in Wild Rift. The champion’s kit includes a variety of crowd control options that can deal impressive damage if built for that purpose. Building Malphite with health items is the best option for the champion since his passive grants him a shield equal to 10 percent of his health. Once you hit the late game, this shield is going to be substantial and allow him to soak damage for his team when he enters or initiates altercations.


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Similar to Blitzcrank, Alistair is a support tank that has reasonable dueling potential in Wild Rift. Kitted out with crowd control and healing abilities, Alistar is a simple champion to play and amazingly effective throughout the duration of the game. Starting fast early is easy with Alistar, who’s able to zone targets using his Headbutt ability. But once Unbreakable Will is unlocked, the champion’s zoning and initiating ability becomes far greater. Alistar is the perfect tank to take into a teamfight and an excellent counter to many of the mage-based supports in the game.

Jarvan IV

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Often played as a jungle champion, Jarvan IV brings a well-rounded skill set along with his tanking abilities. Boasting a shield and multiple engaging abilities, Jarvan can navigate in and out of fights with reliable engaging potential for his team and the ability to zone and control enemies. Even in a tankier build, Jarvan can deal some serious damage that often takes enemies by surprise. While he’s one of the more difficult champions to play on this list, Jarvan is one of the most effective tanks in Wild Rift.


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Anyone who’s laned against Singed knows just how frustrating it can be. The champion is incredibly tanky while boasting some serious damage with his poison trail. Given his abilities, eliminating Singed can seem almost impossible especially in the later portions of the game. Teamfights are the perfect situation for Singed to shine, using his throw to single out targets while damaging enemies with his poison around the battle. For newer players, Singed is one of the better tank options since his abilities are straightforward and his playstyle is enjoyable.

Dr. Mundo

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Scaling off health, Mundo is played most effectively as a pure tank. Mundo boasts a skill set that allows him to poke at enemies from afar as well as deal damage as they approach. While some of his abilities may cost health to use, his ultimate ability will grant extra movement speed and drastically regenerate his health. Once Mundo has a large enough health pool, the cost of abilities becomes something you won’t even notice and the damage he’s capable of dealing is well worth the cost. While he’s admittedly not the easiest champion to play, if you’re looking for a champ with a straightforward build path and someone who’s going to be incredibly durable, Mundo is the champion for you.

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