Attack of the Undead 20 is coming to Call of Duty: Mobile

It will feature 20 players.

Image via Activision

The Attack of the Undead mode could be coming back to Call of Duty: Mobile with season 14. In the January public test build, an “amped up” version of the mode could be played.

The Attack of the Undead mode is returning as a 20-player mode. For the unaware, the mode pits players as survivors and the undead. The undead respawn while the survivors turn into the undead.

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The Attack of the Undead 20 will have two undead at the beginning of a match. This first two undead are equipped with their normal weapons but on being killed, respawn only with a knife. All of the survivors have weapons while the undead can only kill with their knives.

The survivors and the undead are also equipped with special perks to aid them in their mission. The undead’s operator skill grants silent movement and increased movement speed.

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The survivors have three perks, which can be activated by killing the undead.

  • Vulture: Collect ammo from kills.
  • Amped: Faster weapon swap and reload speed
  • Restock: Faster operator skill activation

The goal of the undead is to kill all the survivors until the time runs out. The survivors, on the other hand, have to band together to stop being killed by the undead. The last survivor is given additional health and a death machine.

The January CODM public test build was released mainly for some “tech-based tests.” Activision has said that it will be bringing several more builds like this in the near future.