Asmongold on New World: ‘This game has had more bugs than any game I’ve played’

New World has had plenty of problems since launch with many of them being gamebreakers.

Screengrab via Asmongold on Twitch

New World has been out for nearly two months, but over that time, there have been plenty of issues. This has led some players who have stuck with the new MMO to sour on the game.

MMO veteran and Twitch streamer Asmongold chimed in on the state on New World during a recent stream.

“They can’t even manage to keep duplicating [items] out of the game,” Asmongold said. “There’s been so many exploits and shit like this. This game has had more bugs in it than any game I’ve played and the bugs are game-breaking.”

The streamer likened some of the major issues that New World has faced since launch to cheat codes in Warcraft 2. These major problems have included item and gold duplication, invincibility, and more.

Yesterday, the latest duplication issue was bought to the team’s attention after a player posted their findings to the New World forum showing that endgame trophies were being sold on the trading post for less than their crafting cost.

Despite its issues, the team at Amazon has been committed to regularly fixing the problems and listening to player feedback to improve the game. New World is only new but the future of the game relies heavily on how they can manage the issues currently plaguing the game.