New World temporarily disables wealth transfer options due to gold duplication exploit

Players will have to make do without the Trading Post for the time being.

New World
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While New World has been out for more than a month now and many of the game’s major issues have been remedied, problems seem to keep popping up and the latest of these has caused developers to pause “wealth transfer between players” for the near future.

According to a post to the New World forums, an exploit was discovered by players that would allow them to duplicate gold. Since being notified, Amazon is working on a fix and for the time being, players won’t be able to trade gold through any method.

The different methods of exchanging gold include trading currency between players, guild treasury, currency exchange, and even the Trading Post. Given that Trading Post is disabled, this could cause more major issues for those players still active in the game.

During the last patch, the Trading Post had big issues, which were stopping players from receiving the gold from their sales. Since then, that problem has been fixed. It isn’t clear when the Trading Post will be active once again or when a fix will be rolled out for this gold duplication exploit, but it will likely be sometime soon.

In the meantime, Amazon will be handing out bans to players who take advantage of the exploit. In the meantime, players will need to the best of the situation without the Trading Post and hope that a fix is rolled out soon.

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