New World seems to have a new item duplication glitch that is plaguing its endgame

With rare items being sold under cost, it seems legitimate means weren't used.

Image via Amazon Games

New World has had its share of exploits and bugs causing problems for the game’s economy since it launched, but its latest issue is causing massive damage to endgame players.

A New World player reported yesterday what appears to be yet another item duplication glitch. But this time, it involved endgame trophies that make up a big portion of the endgame economy.

Right now, as the screenshot details, on the server Hellheim, there are a ton of Major Loot Luck Trophies up for auction. With the influx of them listed for sale, the price has declined substantially from 40,000 to just 10,999.

There was no concrete evidence provided to prove these were duplicated items, but the user who shared the issue claims that the day prior, there wasn’t a single major trophy for sale. Also, crafting Major Trophies costs players 40,000 coins, so selling for just 10,999 would be taking a serious loss unless players found a cheaper way to get the items.

New World desperately needs endgame players to stick with the game to keep its economy going. Not only do issues like this ruin the player experience, but they also deter some players from even returning the next day.

With the method for this exploit not yet being widely detailed, it may be difficult to pinpoint and fix this issue. But hopefully, now that it has been bought to the attention of the Amazon Games team, they’ll roll out a fix sometime soon.


Ryan Galloway
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