Almost 300 games are verified for Steam Deck

You'll have plenty of options at launch.

Steam Deck
Image via Valve

Fans waiting on the Steam Deck’s impending release can expect almost 300 compatible games to be available on the handheld device. 

As reported by Rock Paper Shotgun and Gaming On Linux, the SteamDB unofficial tracking list lists 294 Steam games as “Steam Deck Verified,” meaning they can be played on the Steam Deck without issue. This list has constantly grown as more games are tested and players can likely expect even more titles to be listed as verified before the Steam Deck is released. 

The verified list includes notable titles like Portal 2, God of War, and Cuphead. There are also dozens of indy titles listed as verified, so players should have a wide range of options at their disposal. 

There are 194 games listed as “Steam Deck Playable,” meaning they can also be played on the new device but might present minor issues. These shouldn’t be drastic problems, however, so consider these games as viable options.

If other games aren’t marked as verified or playable, that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t run on the new device. This just means they aren’t guaranteed to run correctly, so feel free to try other titles. But some games won’t be compatible with the Steam Deck for various reasons, like Rainbow Six Siege and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. You can check out the Unsupported list to see what other games won’t be available on the Steam Deck. 

The Steam Deck will be released on Feb. 25.