All new Held Items in Pokémon UNITE: Season 2

Some new items are going to spice things up.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon UNITE’s mobile launch has given TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company a chance to put a fresh coat of paint on the previously Nintendo Switch exclusive free-to-play MOBA. This means that the big 1.2 update for the game was packed full of new content, features, and more. 

One area that the developers decided to expand on was UNITE’s item offerings, adding new Held Items.

Held Items are items that a Pokémon can bring up to three of into battle that will grant it various active and passive effects and boosts. Each Held Item can be upgraded using Item Enhancers, which boosts their level and effectiveness. 

These pair well with Battle Items, which are active items that a Pokémon can use multiple times to apply an instant effect that only lasts for a limited time. 

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The dev team wanted to “introduce fresh strategies” alongside the 1.2 balance patch, so they decided to add in three new Held Items—Razor Claw, Choice Specs, and Weakness Policy. The Choice Specs and Weakness Policy are staples of competitive Pokémon in the main series of games, while the Razor Claw is best known for raising critical hit rates. 

Now that all three items are available in UNITE, with each costing 1,000 Aeos Coins or 625 Aeos Tickets in the Aeos Emporium, here is what each does when equipped to your Pokémon of choice. 

Choice Specs

Image via TiMi Studio

An item that increases the damage of moves by a minimum of 40 base damage when they hit. The higher a Pokémon’s Special Attack is, the more the Choice Specs will increase the damage. 

  • Special Attack increased by 39

Razor Claw

Image via TiMi Studio

After a Pokémon holding the Razor Claw uses a move, its next attack deals a minimum of 10 more base damage. The higher a Pokémon’s Attack, the more the damage increases. 

When equipped on a melee-focused Pokémon, basic attacks will also decrease the movement of opposing Pokémon hit by them for a short period. 

  • Attack increase by 15
  • Critical Hit Rate increased by 2.1 percent

Weakness Policy

Image via TiMi Studio

Increase the holder’s Attack for a short period, by a minimum of two percent, when the Pokémon takes damage. The increase grows the more times damage is received. 

  • HP increase by 210
  • Attack increased by 15