Activision asks creators to mute the lobby music in CoD: Mobile for a day

Your videos may get taken down if you don't do this.

Image via Activision

If you have opened Call of Duty: Mobile since the season seven content update, you must have heard the new song being played in the game’s lobby. Be careful if you’re a content creator, though, as your videos may get taken down if it’s uploaded with the music.

The reason for this is that the song, part of CoD: Mobile’s collaboration with Puerto Rican singer Ozuna, hasn’t been officially released yet. According to Billboard, the song is titled “A La Buena El Mejor.” It will be released on Aug. 25 at 7pm CT, when the game’s seventh season will kick off.

Once the song is released, creators will be free to play it whenever they want. Until then, you should keep your lobby music muted to avoid the video from being blocked. If you’ve already uploaded a video and it has been taken down, simply reupload it without the song or wait until later today. It’s unclear why Activision decided to release the song in-game before an official release.

This is the first time the mobile game is tying up with a major artist. As a part of this, some in-game features will be added to the game as well, such as an Ozuna-themed operator and other items.

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CoD: Mobile’s season seven will bring a lot of new content to the game, including two maps (Scrapyard 2019 and Monastery), weapons (Hades LMG and Crossbow), modes, balance changes, and more.