You can now watch MTG Arena Mythic Championship V

There's a lot on the line for all 68 competitors.

MTG Mythic Championship III top four players
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With a total prize pool of $750,000 on the line, 68 of the best Magic: The Gathering players from around the world are gathering in Las Vegas for Mythic Championship V this weekend.

Competing in MTG Arena, Mythic Championship V is being streamed from Oct. 18 at 11am CT to Oct. 20 on Magic’s Twitch channel. 

This is the fifth largest tournament of the year, with only three more Mythic Championships on the schedule before Worlds. There’s a lot on the line for the 32 Magic Pro League (MPL) players competing this weekend.

After the season is over, the MPL will be cut to 24 players with only the top 16 (ranked by Mythic Points) having a secure seat. In addition, whoever wins MCV gets an automatic invite to the Magic Worlds Championship. 

For the 36 Challengers competing at MCV, earning Mythic Points could provide a chance to get into the Rivals League—giving them a shot of earning a seat in the MPL next season.

  • First place: 50 Mythic Points
  • Second place: 42 Mythic Points
  • Third to fourth: 37 Mythic Points
  • Fifth to eight: 32 Mythic Points
  • Nine to 16: 24 Mythic Points
  • 17 to 28: 17 Mythic Points
  • 29 to 68: 11 Mythic Points

In addition to Mythic Points, every player at MCV has a chance to earn a piece of the $750,000 prize pool.

  • First place: $100,000
  • Second place: $50,000
  • Third place: $30,000
  • Fourth place: $20,000
  • Fifth to eighth: $12,500
  • Ninth to 28th: $10,000
  • 29th to 68th: $7,500

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Mythic Championship V begins today at 11am CT and runs through Oct. 20. The tournament is being played in MTG Arena Standard best-of-three and can be watched live on Magic’s Twitch channel