WotC reveals Magic Game Night, Holiday bundle, and new Unsanctioned set

Holiday gifts were revealed.

MTG Weekly Holiday Magic set announcements
Image via WotC and Magic: The Gathering

The holidays are quickly approaching and Wizards of the Coast has several 2019 Magic: The Gathering game sets designed specifically as gifts. 

After Gavin Verhey’s mysterious tweet earlier today, the MTG Weekly stream revealed three new Magic game sets and one mystery announcement, which will be revealed during Mythic Championship VI in Richmond, Virginia.

Game Night

MTG 2019 Game Nights
Image via WotC and Magic: The Gathering

Launched last year, Game Night is a box set designed for new players interested in Magic. The 2019 version contains the similar bones found in last year’s, with the addition of five new foil “face cards.”

  • Five 60-card decks
  • Five spindown life counters
  • Five life counter cardboard platforms
  • Twenty +1/+1 cardboard life counters
  • Fifteen double-sided tokens
  • Five rules reference cards
  • One Magic Game Night rule book
Image via WotC and Magic: The Gathering

Game Night is a casual multiplayer format in Magic, in which the cards can’t be used in sanctioned tournament play. Commander, however, is also a casual format. Playing Game Night involves choosing one of five preconstructed decks and playing with friends around the kitchen table. Within each deck is a foil “face card” that’s a finisher.  

Throne of Eldraine Holiday gift bundle

MTG ELD Holiday Bundle
Image via WotC and Magic: The Gathering

Similar in nature to the Throne of Eldraine (ELD) Collectors box, the Holiday Bundle contains legal sanctioned cards that can be played in any Magic format. Included in the bundle is the mysterious purple life counter, first seen during ELD spoilers, a Piper of the Swarm alt-art foil, and 10 ELD Draft booster packs. 

The bundle also includes one ELD collector booster, 20 basic lands, and 20 foil basic lands. Releasing on Nov. 15, the ELD Holiday Bundle will be available at WPN stores and online.


MTG Unsactioned set
Image via WotC and Magic: The Gathering

Based on the previous Magic “Undecks,” like Unstable, the Unsanctioned box includes five unsanctioned decks with 30 cards (one for each color in the Magic color wheel). The set also includes the following:

  • Two six-sided dice
  • Ten double-sided tokens
  • Five full-art basic lands
  • Five premium art basic lands
  • Five 30 card decks
  • Sixteen non-land new cards (three per deck)
  • A mix of new and old reprints from previous Magic sets

Playing Unsanctioned involves a player choosing two decks and shuffling them together. Unlike Game Night, Unsanctioned is a one-vs-one player format, but it can also be adjusted for multiplayer. 

The new Unsanctioned box set releases Feb. 29, 2020. 

Other Magic news

In addition to the three sets, WotC has created a Magic mystery set that won’t be revealed until a pre-release event at Mythic Championship VI in Richmond on Nov. 7.

Players were also given the release dates for Theros Beyond Death, the next set after Throne of Eldraine. Pre-release will take place Jan. 17 to Jan. 29, with an official release for booster pack sales on Jan. 24.

The MTG set featuring a new plane in Magic, Ikoria Lair of Behemoths is set to have a pre-release from April 17 to April 19. And the official tabletop release will take place on April 24, 2020.