When does MTG Strixhaven: School of Mages release?

It's time to go back to magic school.

Image via WotC

Wrapping up the Forgotten Realms block in Magic: The Gathering, Strixhaven: School of Mages (STX) is a Standard-legal set that will officially release via tabletop at the end of April. 

Designed as a bottom-up set built around enemy dual colors that are in conflict with one another, STX will feature a unique take on Magic’s magical school genre. The set will contain a total of 275 cards with a focus on the five Strixhaven colleges, located on the plane of Arcavios. Previews for STX begin on March 25, followed by the digital and tabletop release in April. 

Here’s every release date for MTG Strixhaven:

  • March 25: Spoiler season kicks off with a stream on Twitch
  • April 14: MTG Arena Early Access STX streamer event.
  • April 15: Digital release of STX via MTG Arena and Magic Online
  • April 16 to 22: Official STX prerelease week
  • April 23: Official tabletop release of STX, in conjunction with Commander 2021.

The Strixhaven college is considered the elite University of the Multiverse, according to Magic lore, containing a total of five colleges on its campus. Located on the plane of Arcavios are the colleges Prismari, Silverquill, Lorehold, Witherbloom, and Quandrix. Each college is represented within STX via a dual enemy color pair that represents the school and its students.  

The dual colors of each college at Strixhaven are also represented within the MTG Commander 2021 decks. The five preconstructed decks are scheduled to release on April 23 with the official launch of STX via tabletop.