What is Alliance in Magic: The Gathering?

A little help from your friends.

Image via WotC

Magic: The Gathering has a plethora of new mechanics coming to the game with its new set Streets of New Capenna, which has lore loaded with organized crime. 

There are five crime families in the set, and each has its own playstyle and a new mechanic to go with it. All five families are represented by a three-color combination identical to the shards from the Alara block. 

Alliance is a new ability word that is present in some cards that are a part of the Cabaretti crime family’s color combination. The color combo includes White, Red, and Green. The three-color mix is also known as the Naya shard from Alara.

Devilish Valet

The triggered ability gives players a desired effect “whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control.” Following the trigger text, the ability on each card details a different effect. The ability is comparable to Landfall, which gives a desired effect whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control.

So far Wizards of the Coast has only revealed nine cards that feature Alliance, and all of them fit the Naya color combination. Green has the most Alliance cards with four. There are three Red cards and two White cards that have the ability. This piece will be updated as more cards with Alliance are announced.