The MTG Arena Chronicles event returns with Ravnica Plane-Cation Chronicles

The Chronicles event returns to Ravnica on MTGA with new improvements.

Ravnica Plane-Cation Chronicles event on Magic The Gathering Arena
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

The Magic: The Gathering Chronicles events are returning to MTG Arena with new improvements regarding the length of tournaments and rewards. 

Starting on July 28, the new Plane-Cation Chronicles events begin with Ravnica being the central theme. Unlike the War of the Spark Chronicles event, tournaments will only last three days, beginning on Sunday at 10am CT and ending on Tuesday at 2pm CT. But players must be signed up by 10am CT on Tuesday if they wish to participate in the event. 

Based on feedback from the MTG community, Plane-Cation Chronicles on MTGA will only require six wins to complete the tournament and reap the rewards. In addition, several other changes are occurring while some things remain the same. 

  • Ravnica Plane-Cation Chronicles is still free.
  • There’s no record of losses kept.
  • The first win rewards players with 1,000 XP.
  • Each reward can only be earned one time.
  • The basic land reward only needs to be earned once, allowing players to add any number of copies to their decks.
  • Three new events are coming in addition to Pauper and Treasure Constructed.

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The Ravnica Plane-Cation Chronicles event will be uploaded onto MTGA on July 25. With this update, several performance issues are expected to be fixed (like the Master Pass cat). The tournament for the Plane-Cation Chronicles event will begin on July 28 at 10am CT and run through July 30.