The best cards from day 2 of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty spoilers

Several cycles get new pieces.

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Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is only two days into its preview season, and it’s clear the set will have a major impact on a Standard meta that’s still reeling over the recent bans.

In addition to its impact on Standard, a couple of cards were revealed today that could see play in 60-card eternal formats or become staples in Commander. The Limited format is also slowly becoming clear as to what each color pair wants to do.

From the completion of the Kodama cycle to another efficient White removal spell, here are the best Neon Dynasty cards from day two of spoiler season.

March of Otherworldly Light

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Prismatic Ending is the best removal spell in Modern right now. Its ability to scale with the game and hit anything from one-drops to problematic top-end threats is why it’s so strong. March of Otherworldly Light is similar to Prismatic Ending with a few downsides. Despite any downside, this instant is a great removal spell in Standard and will see applications in eternal formats.

March of Otherworldly Light shines with its ability to discard White cards to reduce the mana cost. This is a great way in best-of-one to use cards that are dead in hand in a particular matchup. Exile removal is also key with March of Otherworldly Light because of the prevalence of graveyard usage in Standard.

The card can snipe an early two drop like Ranger Class or Luminarch Aspirant while being able to scale up and take out an opponent’s Vorinclex.

Kodama of the West Tree

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The final part of the Kodama cycle in Magic is one of the best. Kodama of the West Tree is an excellent three-drop Creature that helps mechanics from a variety of archetypes, thanks to the new modification keyword in Neon Dynasty.

Modification includes Equipment, Auras, and Counters that are attached to a Creature. Kodama’s ability to give modified Creatures trample and lets you ramp on hit are powerful. Kodama will slot into the Green +1/+1 Counters deck that’s currently on the fringes of Standard. Kodama gives the deck a solid three-drop body that makes every Creature with a Counter significantly better.

While Kodama probably won’t be seen as a commander, it’s an auto-include in counters decks in Commander like Halana and Alena, Partners or Ezuri, Claw of Progress.

Hotshot Mechanic

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White vehicles decks are going to love Hotshot Mechanic. This one-mana 2/1 can crew a vehicle as if its power were four. This is a great way to accelerate into vehicles with expensive crew costs like Colossal Plow. Hotshot Mechanic is a glue card in these decks.

Hotshot Mechanic can crew Esika’s Chariot all by itself, too. Looks like Esika’s Chariot will find a nice home outside of Mono-Green Aggro in Standard.

Invoke Calamity

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The mana cost is color intensive and the effect isn’t overwhelming, but experienced Magic brewers are going to love building around Invoke Calamity. This Instant allows you to cast two spells with a combined mana value of six or less from your graveyard for free. For five mana, this isn’t a bad deal.

What decks in Standard want this card? It appears that a primarily Red spells deck could effectively use this card as a way to keep up the pressure.

Invoke Calamity being an Instant is the key to this card’s playability. This is a way to cast a Burn Down the House again to deal with a problematic Creature matchup. It could recast two damage spells to further pressure the opponent’s life total.

Junji, the Midnight Sky

Image via WotC

Junji, the Midnight Sky looks like the best card in the Neon Dynasty Dragon cycle so far. Mono-Black Control is already an established, top-tier deck in Standard. Junji fits perfectly in these lists as a five drop. The interaction with Blood on the Snow is strong. If Blood on the Snow kills Junji it means you can reanimate two Creatures.

It’s also good to point out that Junji can reanimate a Creature from any graveyard. This is a great way to take an opponent’s Creature when you wipe the board. Even if the death trigger doesn’t happen, Junji is still a 5/5 flying Creature with menace. It demands an answer then punishes an opponent for killing it.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty releases digitally on Feb. 10 with a worldwide tabletop release on Feb. 18.