Sultai Sacrifice dominates final Magic Pro League Eldraine split

It's a showdown between Food Sacrifice and Gruul Aggro.

Mythic Championship V standings Semifinals and final matches
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The top four of the Emerald Division has been decided in the final week of the MPL Eldraine split.

A day-one bye to Magic: The Gathering’s Mythic Championship VII and Mythic Points to help secure a seat in next season’s MPL is on the line. And two decks have stood out during the Emerald Division round-robin matches.

  • Carlos Romão: Sultai Sacrifice Food
  • Brad Nelson: Gruul Adventure
  • Mike Sigrist: Sultai Food
  • Márcio Carvalho: Sultai Food

This is likely the last time Oko, Thief of Crowns and Food will dominate the metagame in Standard. The broken planeswalker, Once Upon a Time, and Gilded Goose are on the chopping block, with the next Magic Banned and Restricted announcement taking place on Nov. 16. 

Romão went 6-1 in the round-robin matches with Nelson close behind at 5-2. Sigrist got into the top four with a record of 4-3 and Carvalho with 3-4. 

Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

The Eldraine split metagame in the Emerald Division was predominantly Food, with Nelson’s and Manfield’s Gruul Adventure decks being the exception. The Adventure deck has the highest win percentage against Food decks at Mythic Championship VI and has been faring well against them so far in the Emerald Division. 

But the story of the week was Romão’s Sultai Sacrifice Food deck. Using the notorious Cauldron Familiar and Witch’s Oven combo, it also utilizes Oko and Trail of Crumbs. 

Massacre Girl and Vraska, Golgari Queen keep the threats at bay while Liliana, Dreadhorde General feeds the sacrifice engine and is an ideal finisher. 

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Find out which deck will win the Emerald Division Eldraine split on Nov. 16 at 2pm CT via the Magic Twitch channel.