Nelson and Shenhar dominate the Mythic Championship III double-elimination upper bracket

MPL player Brad Neslon is undefeated so far.

MPL player Brad Neslon undefeated so far in MTG Mythic Championship III
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Magic Pro League (MPL) players Brad Nelson and Shenhar Shenhar cleaned up the top 16 on day two of Magic: The Gathering Arena Mythic Championship III.

The upper bracket in the Magic: The Gathering double-elimination round at Mythic Championship III is complete with Nelson and Shenhar claiming two of the four final slots for day three.

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Nelson (Esper Hero) is dominating competitive MTG Arena Standard play after going undefeated on day two of Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship III. He also went undefeated during the MPL Weekly War of the Spark split, which earned him a day one bye at MCIII. And now he’s in the top four at Mythic Championship III.

Always humble during interviews, Nelson changed things up as he entered the final match of the day against Matias Leveratto with a Babe Ruth entrance.

Shenhar (Mono-Red Aggro) didn’t win his MPL Weekly Division to earn a bye, but he dominated the first two days of the MTG Arena Mythic Championship III the old fashioned way—grinding for those wins.  

The lower portion of the double-elimination bracket on day two is underway, with the top eight players from the upper bracket battling it out for those final two top four spots. Streaming live on the MTG Twitch channel, day three of MTG Arena Mythic Championship III starts at 10am CT on Sunday, June 23.