Here are the final MPL Weekly WotS split results

Four players earn a day one bye with one of them going undefeated.

Four players earn a day one bye with one of them going undefeated.
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With every MPL Weekly Division top spot on the lineBrad Nelson, Brian Braun-Duin, Ken Yukuhiro, and Rei Sato have won the WotS split and earned themselves a day one bye for the upcoming MTG Mythic Championship III.

Heading into week five of the War of the Spark split, several players in each MPL Weekly Division were chasing the number one spot, while Brad Nelson honed in on being the only MPL player to go undefeated.

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Competing against Grzegorz Kowalski and his Mono-Red Aggro deck in the Emerald Division, Nelson and his Esper Midrange pulled out the win. Going 7-0, Nelson was the only player competing in MPL Weekly to go undefeated.

Fan-favorite Biran Braun-Duin (BBD) didn’t disappoint either, playing Esper Midrange against top Pro Eric Froelich (Gruul Midrange). The deciding factor would come down to match three with BBD taking control of the battlefield, earning himself a day one bye to MTG Mythic Championship III and a 6-1 record in the Pearl Division.

In the Ruby Division, the final matches of the WotS MPL Weekly split ended up in a leaderboard tie between Ken Yukuhiro( Mono-Red Aggro) and William “Huey” Jensen (Mono-Red Aggro). Yukuhiro, however, would have more match wins than Jensen, earning him a day one bye and the top spot in the Ruby Division.

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Lastly, the Saphire Division wrapped up like most expected it too—with Rei Sato (Gruul Midrange) beating Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa (Mono-Red Aggro), giving Sato a final record of 6-1.

Each of the four MPL Weekly Division champions will skip the first day of MTG Mythic Championship. This gives them an automatic six wins heading into day two, and a fresh mental state the other competitors won’t have.  

Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship III is being fought on MTG Arena while streaming live from Las Vegas June 21-23. The next MPL Weekly split will begin after the MC with players looking to earn a day one bye to Mythic Championship V.