MTG’s Meathook Massacre spikes in price following Wizard’s Premier Play announcement

Now is the time to cash in on The Meathook Massacre.

Image via WotC

Tabletop Magic: The Gathering organized play returns for the upcoming 2022-2023 season, resulting in The Meathook Massacre Enchantment increasing in price by 23 percent this past week as a likely result of the return to tabletop pro play.

Wizards of the Coast announced earlier this week that the organized play 2022-2023 Magic season will feature tabletop tournaments at the highest levels of competitive gameplay via the Pro Tour and the MTG World Championship. The return to in-person high-level events excited the Magic community, while single prices for cards like The Meathook Massacre and Hengegate Pathway saw significant price spikes within a week’s worth of time. 

The price for Meathook Massacre increased by 23 percent following the Premier Play announcement, according to price data from MTGGoldfish. Hengegate Pathway had a 102 percent increase, going from around $5 to almost $17. A price spike for The Meathook Massacre makes it the most expensive card within the Standard format, valued at around $70. Its extended art foil version increased in price as well, now worth around $145. 

Other MTG cards that increased in price included Fable of the Mirror-Breaker by about $2.50 to around $5, Chandra, Dressed to Kill, The Wandering Emperor, and Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider. Not all tabletop cards hit price spikes this week, though, with Goldspan Dragon decreasing around $3 in value. 

The first tabletop Regional tournaments are slated to start around July 2, while local game stores are setting up qualifiers starting this week after finding out about the newly organized play system at the same time as the rest of the Magic community.