MTG reveals local game store tabletop event dates for 2022

Tabletop MTG events get an upgrade.

MTG Skaab Wrangler MID
Image via WotC

Wizards of the Coast announced release dates for two tabletop Magic: The Gathering events taking place in 2022 today that include an Innistrad Draft with black-and-white treatment cards, a new preconstructed Commander deck, and a Commander Parties.  

The 2021-2022 MTG season contains several exciting sets, along with WotC expanding upon Universes Beyond and in-store gameplay. Innistrad: Double Feature is scheduled to release on Jan. 28. Containing cards from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Crimson Vow, the MTG Draft booster packs showcases black-and-white treatment on all the cards to give it a true gothic horror feel. 

The Innistrad: Double Feature preview event will kick off on Jan. 21, with players encouraged to contact their local game store regarding signups. Playing with black-and-white treatment cards is a nice bonus, but the real treat is being able to draft from both Innistrad sets. 

The release of Commander Collection: Black, a preconstructed deck with a focus on one of Magic’s most notorious colors, is scheduled to take place on Jan. 28. A full list of the preconstructed Commander deck can be found here. And the rescheduled Commander Parties event will be held from Jan. 28 to 30. Revealed during the Magic Showcase event, Commander parties create a new MTG playing experience.

Players are separated into pods and are provided with a game board for Commander Parties while experiencing a story through tabletop gameplay. All players who participate in the MTG Commander Parties event can earn a Conjurer’s Closet promo card.  

Signups for both MTG tabletop events will take place via local WPN games stores with the Innistrad: Double Feature preview event on Jan. 21 and Commander Parties from Jan. 28 to 30.