MTG Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty cinematic featuring Ling tosite Sigure captures flavor of Set

Step into the plane of Kamigawa.

Image via WotC

An official Magic: The Gathering anime cinematic featuring Japanese rock trio Ling tosite Sigure dropped tonight, showcasing a pivot scene from the lore-heavy Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty web stories.

Scheduled to release globally on Feb. 18, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (NEO) returns to the beloved Magic plane 1,200 years after the events of the Kami War.

Wizards of the Coast released the first of two planned cinematics for the Set earlier tonight on Twitter. The cinematic, an anime trailer, was produced by Wit Studio called “Kamigawa: Shining World” and featured the single “Scratch” from KT.

The NEO cinematic “Kamigawa: Shining World” showcases events that took place in the MTG story “The Break-In: Episode Four.” All four planeswalkers in Magic’s new Standard-legal set show off their skills in an epic battle over the fate of the Kamigawa plane.

Front and center in the anime cinematic produced by Wit Studio are childhood friends The Wandering Emperor and Kaito Shizuki. Every moment captures the flavor of NEO, supported by the moving sounds of TK. 

The MTG cinematic starts with Kaito and the emperor of Kamigawa as children before showing the emperor disappearing from her plane due to the evil deeds of the planeswalker Tezzeret. Kaito is also a planeswalker, and discovers his spark on his 12-year journey to find his missing friend. The two reunite in a battle that will have major implications for the MTG Multiverse. They are also joined by Tamiyo as they battle Tezzeret and the Phyrexian Jin-Gitaxias.

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With an unstable planeswalker spark, The Wandering Emperor is forced to leave the plane of Kamigawa and Kaito. But the battle is far from over. 

Fans of the MTG cinematic can test out the new NEO cards via Magic Online and MTG Arena now, or via tabletop with the global release on Friday, Feb. 18.