MTG Kaldheim to feature a wide variety of alternate-art styles

New art can be found in multiple Magic products.

Image via WOTC

Wizards of the Coast is making an effort to provide more alternate art options for collectors and that trend continues in the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set, Kaldheim, which is scheduled for release on Feb. 5. A variety of alternate art styles were revealed in an announcement by Wizards today.

These styles can be acquired in traditional draft, set, and theme boosters. The first style is Showcase Viking Legends. These custom frames and art are featured on the key cards in Kaldheim that represent the Viking aesthetic. There are 12 showcase Viking uncommons, 14 rares, and eight mythic rares.

The four mythic planeswalkers in Kaldheim will receive borderless alternate art editions of the cards. The only planeswalker card that’s announced is Kaya, the Inexorable. Tibalt is confirmed to be in Kaldheim alongside two new planeswalkers, Tyvar Kell and Niko Aris. The Kaldheim pathways are also confirmed to be getting borderless art. There’s a new mechanic that will be revealed during the Jan. 7 stream event that will also get the borderless art treatment on its cards.

Collector Boosters will contain extended-art cards for rares and mythic rares that aren’t receiving other alternate art styles. Thirty-six rares and four mythic rares, including the Buy-a-Box promo Realmwalker, will have extended art. Collector Boosters contain 11 foil cards, five alternate-frame cards, and a combination of five rares and mythic rares, according to Wizards.

Here’s a full breakdown of what’s found in Kaldheim Collector Boosters in addition to five foil commons and two foil uncommons.

Kaldheim Collector Boosters will also contain:

  • One rare saga
  • One foil card
  • One extended art card
  • One foil rare or mythic
  • One Non-foil and one foil showcase uncommon
  • One Rare or mythic rare with a showcase or borderless frame and alternate art 
  • One Foil rare or mythic rare with a showcase, borderless, or extended-art frame
  • Five foil commons
  • Two foil uncommons

Magic Arena players don’t need to worry because borderless planeswalkers, pathways, and five of the new mechanic cards will be found in the store. Realmwalker and the alternate-art style can be obtained with a 45 or 90 pack bundle. The Viking styles will be made available through store bundles and the Kaldheim Festival event near release.