MTG Double Masters 2022 cards worth a lot of money

Crack a pack to get a single worth over $100.

The Magic: The Gathering Double Masters 2022 set contains many reprints, including popular planeswalkers like Wren and Six, while giving older cards like Imperial Seal a first-time reprint. 

The Double Masters 2022 (2×2) set was specifically designed to reprint powerful Magic cards, providing cards to formats like Commander, Modern, Vintage, Pioneer, and Legacy at a more reasonable price. It was also meant to have a playable set full of older cards that can get drafted via Limited 2×2 Draft events. Over 300 cards are contained within the MTG set showcasing new art via booster fun treatments, first-time reprints, and rarity changes.

All Double Masters 2022 cards will be released on July 8, with the launch party featuring Draft events. Heading into the official release, several cards are worth over $100. Prices are subject to change following the official release. Updates to all 2×2 cards will occur after launch and monthly after that.

From planeswalkers to spells and Enchantments, here are the best Double Masters 2022 cards to pull from a booster pack worth money. 

Imperial Seal

Rarely seen played in competitive or casual MTG games, Imperial Seal was first printed in the Portal Three Kings set. Getting its first reprint in the Double Masters 2022 set, Commander players are creating a wide variety of decks to slot in the Black Sorcery speed spell.

The original Portal Three Kings version of Imperial Seal is almost $1,800. A reprint of the Mythic Rare spell didn’t destroy its value, with the most expensive version being the 2×2 foil-etched Imperial Seal, worth around $600. There’s also a borderless version valued at around $300, and the regular version of Imperial Seal is priced at around $220.

Liliana, the Last Hope

Liliana, the Last Hope

Several textured foil Double Masters 2022 Mythic Rare cards are worth money, including the planeswalker Liliana, the Last Hope. The Guilds of Ravnica Masterpieces foil version is worth around $100 while the 2×2 textured foiled version is valued at around $630 at the time of the MTG set’s release. A foil-etched version of Liliana, the Last Hope is worth around $60 and the regular is priced at about $20.

Wrenn and Six

Six has officially retired to the afterlife within the Magic Multiverse, but the planeswalker duo is alive and well in the Modern format. A new booster fun treatment called textured-foil was used on the Wrenn and Six within Double Masters 2022, giving the planeswalker a projected value between $400 and $600.

Wrenn and Six also has a foil-etched version valued at around $150 and a borderless worth about $140. The regular version of the infamous planeswalker is priced at approximately $65.

Kozilek, Butcher of Truth

Kozilek, Butcher of Truth

The Eldrazi return in Double Masters 2022 with deep pockets via Kozilek, Butcher of Truth. Sporting the new textured foil look, the Eldrazi is valued at between $300 and $350. A foil-etched version is also over $100 at around $105 while the borderless is around $70.

Force of Negation

Initially printed in Modern Horizons 2, Force of Negation is getting new art and treatments within the Double Masters 2022 set. The Instant spell is popular within the MTG Legacy, Modern, Vintage, and Commander formats but has never had a borderless version until now.

A borderless foil version of Force of Negation has a projected worth of between $90 and $100. Its foil-etched version is valued at around $70 to $100, and the regular version of the Instant spell is priced at about $45.

Mana Vault

Mana Vault is a popular MTG Artifact often played within the Commander and Vintage formats. The Artifact has seen dozen of reprints over the years, ranging in price from $50 to $300. Mana Vault will get a foil-etched treatment in Double Masters 2022 with an expected value between $100 and $150, along with a borderless version that is projected to be around $150 as well. The regular version of Mana Vault will likely remain at approximately $50 to $55.

Warrior’s Oath

Warrior’s Oath foil-etched

Warrior’s Oath is another first-time Double Masters 2022 reprint from the Portal Three Kings set. The original Sorcery Red spell is valued between $450 and $500. Within the Double Masters 2022 set, Warrior’s Oath is getting a foil-etched version valued at around $300. And the regular version is projected to cost around $50.

Phyrexian Altar

Similar to Mana Vault, Phytrexian Altar is a popular mana rock Artifact that’s seen fewer reprints. The Double Masters 2022 set contains a foil-etched Phyrexian Altar and a borderless version, with both having a projected value between $60 and $100. The regular version of the Phyrexian Altar Artifact is worth around $45. 

Cavern of Souls

Played in the MTG Commander, Modern, and Legacy formats, Cavern of Souls is a popular land that has been reprinted several times. The land within Double Masters 2022 will undergo the etched-foil treatment, pricing it between $80 and $90. There’s also a borderless version of Cavern of Souls with a projected worth of around $90. And the regular version of Caven of Souls is priced at around $55.

Dockside Extortionist

The infamous goblin pirate originally printed in Commander 2019 is getting a first-time reprint in Double Masters 2022. Regular versions of the original Dockside Extortionist were almost $80 but have fallen to around $55. Dockside Extortionist also had its rarity changed from Rare to Mythic Rare.

Players pulling a booster fun-treated 2×2 Dockside Extortionist may have a card worth more than the original ever was. The foil-etched version of the goblin pirate is projected at between $140 and $160, and the borderless is between $100 and $150. A regular version of Dockside Extortionist will have a value of approximately $50.

Smothering Tithe

Smothering Tithe foil-etched

Smothering Tithe was a popular Enchantment first printed in Ravnica Allegiance that sees gameplay within the Commander format. The Enchantment will get a foil-etched and borderless version in Double Masters 2022, with the foil-etched valued at between $40 and $80. Smothering Tithe’s borderless is priced at about $75, and the regular version is valued at around $25.

Sensei’s Divining Top

Sensei’s Divining Top foil-etched

Sensei’s Divining Top is an Artifact that hasn’t seen a reprint in many moons. Within Double Masters 2022, Sensei’s Divining Top has a foil-etched version that players will want to pull, valued at around $100. There’s a borderless and regular version, worth approximately $40 for both versions.

Food Chain

Food Chain foil-etched

Often played in the Commander format, Food Chain is a Green Enchantment getting its first foil-etched treatment within the Double Masters 2022 set. The projected value for the foil-etched Food Chain is around $75, and the regular version of the Enchantment is priced at around $30.

All images via WotC, Magic: The Gathering.

Update July 7 11am CT: All Double Masters 2022 prices were updated for the official release.

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