MTG Arena Strixhaven Patch 2021.04: Full notes and updates

Don't be late for class.

MTG Strixhaven University
Image via WotC

Patch 2021.04 launched Strixhaven: School of Mages on MTG Arena today, bringing with it about 275 Standard-legal cards and a number of gameplay updates. 

Digital classes opened for the new Strixhaven: School of Mages (STX) set via MTG Arena and Magic Online today. Mystic Archive cards were uploaded in conjunction with the 275 Standard-legal cards, along with a change to the appearance of sideboards. Due to the new Learn/Lesson mechanic in STX, the best-of-one format will have a visual sideboard that can contain up to seven cards.  

Players can find Mystic Archive and STX Lessons within a booster pack. Sealed pack opening in Limited will show a mix of six Rares, Mystic Archive Rares, and STX Lesson Rares. Playing Sealed will also inform players of the number of Rares that were opened. 

Gameplay updates

  • The wording “Converted mana cost” has been officially changed over to “mana cost.”
  • “Shuffle your library” has been changed to “shuffle.”
  • Autotap was updated
  • Sideboard update allows players to chose between Bo1 or Bo3 sideboard.
  • Self-animating non-creature permanents display summoning sickness.
  • A stop was added to cards like Jaspera Sentinel in order to allow players to tap creatures.
  • MTG Arena will no longer autotarget modal triggered abilities. 

Bug fixes

Patch 2021.04 contained a number of bug resolutions. 

  • Adjusted pet locations on mobile for better card visibility; they now count as part of the “creature row” and will slide with it
  • Fixed a bug on mobile that could cause the “Pass Priority” button to be non-functional
  • Fixed a bug where Planeswalkers exiled by Banishing Light returning to the battlefield would have double their starting loyalty.
  • Fixed an issue where creatures with modal choice fight abilities were fighting twice if you had another creature with similar ability in hand.
  • Creatures that have gained an ability, then lost that ability were still showing VFX associated with the gained ability, even though it wasn’t in effect. The client now displays this creature correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with social where players were showing as offline even when online.
  • Fixed various issues happening when reconnecting during sideboarding.
  • Targeting a Kelpie Guide with another Kelpie Guide adds no time to your timer. 
  • Channel, a card that is banned in almost every format, works correctly with Autotap.
  • Updated oracle text for “Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery” to a much pithier template.
  • Cards that browse a subset of cards in exile now do a better job of only showing relevant cards.
  • Players can now toggle Full Control while in a browser.
  • Clue tokens were showing a Modified Cost hanger and didn’t have soft confirm. Both issues have been addressed.
  • Players can now choose the color of the second mana produced when land is enchanted by both Lithoform Blight and Glittering Frost.
  • Inspiring Statuary now correctly highlights cards in hand if they can be cast with Improvise, but not with mana.
  • Opponent emotes for lands with ETB choices once again play as the land is animating down to the battlefield, instead of entirely before it’s played.
  • Fixed various issues related to 4×3 screen resolution and assets.
  • Fixed an issue where players with As Foretold in play were able to cast cards exiled by Gonti, Lord of Luxury as if they were foretold.
  • Fixed an issue with the orientation of your opponent’s cards when exiling them from Graveyard.
  • Blocking a user will remove you from their friend’s list.
  • Fixed Korean Won currency character.
  • Enabled tooltips on mobile.