MTG Arena has a Standard 2020 and Showcase bundle

There are new bundles and cosmetics in Arena.

Flaxen Intruder Promo Art Magic Throne of Eldraine
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Today’s MTG Arena update includes a Standard 2020 bundle containing 10 packs and 1,000 gems, as well as a Showcase bundle featuring alt-art Adventure card styles.

In light of the ever-changing meta within Standard, Wizards of the Coast is offering MTG Arena players a Standard 2020 bundle. The store item costs $10 and includes two booster packs from each set in Standard, along with 1,000 gems. 

  • Two Guilds of Ravnica booster packs
  • Two Ravnica Allegiance booster packs
  • Two War of the Spark booster packs
  • Two Core Set 2020 booster packs
  • Two Throne of Eldraine booster packs

The Standard 2020 bundle offers MTGA players each booster pack for essentially $1. The 1,000 gems are a sweet bonus that can be used to open additional boosters, pay for a special event (Brawl) entry fee, or purchase cosmetics in the Magic Arena store. 

The Showcase bundles feature a total of five alternative-art Adventure cards. There are three bundles to choose from, with each set containing card styles of artwork that could only be found in Collectors Boosters via tabletop. 

Knightly Honor

  • Ardenvale Tactician showcase card style.
  • Lonesome Unicorn showcase card style.
  • Silverflame Squire showcase card style.
  • Shepherd of the Flock showcase card style.
  • Embereth Shieldbreaker showcase card style.

Deadly Secrets

  • Merfolk Secretkeeper showcase card style.
  • Queen of Ice showcase card style.
  • Animating Faerie showcase card style.
  • Reaper of Night showcase card style.
  • Smitten Swordmaster showcase card style.

Walk in the Woods

  • Curious Pair showcase card style.
  • Garenbrig Carver showcase card style.
  • Rosethorn Acolyte showcase card style.
  • Tuinvale Treefolk showcase card style.
  • Flaxen Intruder showcase card style.

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Showcase cards are cosmetic only and won’t be added to a player’s library unless a copy of the card is already unlocked. The Standard 2020 bundle and Showcase bundle are available in the MTG Arena store.