How to play the Brawl Launch event in MTG Arena

Choose a commander and prepare to Brawl.

Throne of Eldraine MTGA Streamer Event
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

In celebration of the hyped Brawl format launching in MTG Arena, Wizards of the Coast is running a week-long event. 

The Brawl Launch event begins in MTG Arena on Oct. 24 and will run until Nov. 1. After the announcement of Brawl coming to Magic Arena in September, the community has been anxiously waiting for its start date on Oct. 24.

The Brawl Launch event will have an entry cost but also offers the rewards of free Rare cards unavailable in Arena booster packs and card styles. 

How much does the Brawl Launch event cost?

An entry fee of 1,000 gold or 200 gems is required to play the Brawl Launch event in MTG Arena. Players will also be able to play for free in weekly events starting on Nov. 7 and every Wednesday thereafter. The option of playing daily is also available—but only with friends through the Direct Challenge play mode. 

What are the rewards?

Since there is an entry fee attached to the Brawl Launch event, there are also some sweet rewards MTGA players can earn. 

  • One win: A Rare copy of Mace the Valiant and its card style
  • Two wins: A Rare copy of Faerie Formation and its card style
  • Three wins: A Rare copy of Taste of Death and its card style
  • Four wins: A Rare copy of Embereth Skyblazer and its card style
  • Five wins: A Rare copy of Thorn Mammoth and its card style

The rewards aren’t found in normal MTG Arena booster packs and can only be unlocked using Rare wildcards. Players can win a reward only once during the duration of the Brawl Launch event, however. But they can continue to play past the five-win rewards marker. 

How do I construct a deck?

Unlike the Eldraine Courtside Brawl event in September, players won’t have pre-constructed decks to choose from but will have to craft their own. The minimum number of cards in a Brawl deck is 60 and a commander must be chosen that is either a legendary creature or a planeswalker. 

MTG Arena Brawl deck contruction example
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

Spells and creatures included in a Brawl deck are limited to one copy (similar to the Singleton format) and must match the colors of its commander. If Omnath, Locus of the Roil is the chosen commander, then the only colors allowed in the deck construction are Green, Blue, and Red. 

Can I play Brawl outside the event?

Beginning Nov. 7, players can participate in weekly 24-hour Brawl tournaments every Wednesday. These events are free-to-play but don’t offer any rewards. Brawl will also available in the Direct Challenge play mode.