Magic: The Gathering teases Secret Lair box

Should players be excited?

Secret Lair Magic The Gathering
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

The holidays are quickly approaching and it seems like Wizards of the Coast has another Magic: The Gathering surprise in store for fans. 

There are a host of new Magic products coming in the near future, including the Unsanctioned set, a Holiday bundle, and several new Commander sets in 2020. WotC teased the release of yet another product today, saying that the official reveal of the Secret Lair will take place on Nov. 25.

A Lair in Magic was a nonbasic land type that was used in Planeshift. The Secret Lair is a premade box designed specifically for what MTG players want, according to WotC.

The last pre-reveal of a Magic product was the Mystery Booster packs. And for many MTG players, the mystery wasn’t worth the hype.

Some people in the Magic community think that the Secret Lair box is tied to the legendary land, R&D’s Secret Lair, while others presume it’ll be a loot box. But not everyone is excited about what the Secret Lair box may contain. 

“I have my doubts that it’s personalized, honestly, and that the ‘you’ is what they perceive Magic players to like,” a Reddit user said. “I’m ready to be disappointed here.”

And many other fans feel overwhelmed by the reveal of so many products in such a short time frame. 

The official reveal of Magic’s new product, the Secret Lair, will take place on Nov. 25.