Magic: The Gathering Pro Ben Stark Speaks about Yuuya Watanabe’s disqualification

Stark has lost all respect for Watanabe.

Magic The Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Famer Ben Stark
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering Hall of Famer Ben Stark doesn’t believe Yuuya Watanabe was framed. “The fact that three of the four Tron lands were marked is something a smart cheater would do,” Stark said on Twitch.

Watanabe is a Magic: The Gathering Hall of Fame inductee who was allegedly caught cheating during the Modern Constructed rounds at Mythic Championship II in London. Due to markings in his card sleeves, Watanabe was disqualified from the tournament.

Many fans say Watanabe is guilty, based on the images of the card sleeve markings his sponsor Cygames released. Cygames, however, feels Watanabe is innocent and was possibly framed.

Upon hearing Cygames’ opinion on the matter, Stark spoke up during his Twitch stream yesterday. “I respected Yuuya for 10 years until the last Pro Tour, and I no longer do,” Stark said on Twitch.

An investigation is apparently underway and headed up by the MPL (Magic Pro League), however, no public statements or reports have been made. Watanabe, for now, remains an active MPL member set to play May 11 in the MPL Weekly.

Watanabe playing in the MPL, however, is not sitting well with Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour players. Many believe being disqualified from the Mythic Championship II in London was too light of punishment and that he should be banned for the at least the rest of the season.

MPL Weekly launches May 11 on MTG Twitch and will feature all 32 MPL players battling for a day one Mythic Championship bye on MTG Arena.