Magic: The Gathering Fortnite crossover Secret Lair cards spoilers drop ahead of release

A hot drop worth landing in.

Wizards of the Coast dropped the majority of the Secret Lair cards contained within the upcoming Universes Beyond Fortnite crossover today, showcasing reprinted Magic: The Gathering cards with new art that highlights the infamous battle royale game.

Scheduled to become available for preorder on July 21 at 11am CT, the MTG Secret Lair crossover with Fortnite is split into two drops. One drop will contain five full-art basic lands called Secret Lair Fortnite: Landmarks and Locations. And the other drop showcases new Fortnite art on existing MTG cards. A total of seven of the reprints were revealed today via IGN, along with the five basic lands. 

  • Wrath of God: Shrinking Storm
  • Planar Bridge: The Cube
  • Dance of Many: Dance Battle
  • Smuggler’s Copter: Battle Bus
  • Grim Tutor: Crack the Vault
  • Etherium Sculptor: Supply Llama
  • Triumph of the Hordes: Battle Royale

Each of the MTG cards repurposed into Fortnite Secret Lair crossovers have been reprinted in the past, some more than others. The average price for these cards is around $10 to $20 for certain versions. For fans of the battle royale, though, the short-term and long-term value of these Universes Beyond Fortnite crossover cards can’t compare to the art featured on them. 

Each Fortnite Secret Lair drop contains a secret card that hasn’t been revealed yet. And both drops should get offered as foil and non-foil versions. More MTG crossovers are still in the works, including the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 Commander decks and Secret Lair drops, along with a Lord of the Rings collaboration as well. 

Fans of the MTG Universes Beyond Secret Lair drops and Fortnite can preorder one or both drops on July 21. The Secret Lair Fortnite and Secret Lair Fortnite: Landmarks and Locations drops are only available for purchase for a limited time.

All images via WoTC