Liliana will return to Standard in MTG Strixhaven

Going to school has its perks.

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Wizards of the Coast teased two Planeswalkers and Commander face cards from the upcoming Magic: The Gathering Strixhaven: School of Mages set and Commander decks today. 

Scheduled to be released digitally on April 15, Strixhaven (STX) will showcase mage life at five colleges on the plane of Arcavios. An official spoiler stream for the upcoming set is scheduled for March 25. The bottom-up designed set will contain the Planeswalkers Liliana and Kasmina, WotC revealed today on Twitter. 

Liliana will return to Standard in MTG as a professor at Strixhaven. She also contains a possible new mechanic called Magecraft. 

  • CMC: 4BB
  • Type: Legendary Planeswalker—Liliana
  • Static ability: Magecraft—Whenever you cast or copy an Instant or Sorcery spell, each opponent loses two life and you gain two life
  • Plus-one: You lose one life. Look at the top three cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the rest into your graveyard.
  • Minus-three: Each opponent sacrifices a creature with the greatest power among creatures that player controls.
  • Minus-eight: Each opponent may discard a card. If they don’t, they lose three life. Repeat this process six more times. 

Kasmina is also making an appearance within STX

  • CMC: 1GU
  • Type: Legendary Planeswalker—Kasmina
  • Static ability: Each other Planeswalker you control has the loyalty abilities of Kasmina, Enigma Sage. 
  • Plus-two: Scry one.
  • Minus-X: Create a 0/0 green and blue Fractal creature token. Put “X” +1/+1 counters on it. 
  • Minus-eight: Search your library for an Instant or Sorcery card that shares a color with this Planeswalker, exile that card, then souffle. You may cast that card without paying its mana cost. 

Senior MTG designer Gavin Verhey, in addition to the STX Planeswalker spoilers, revealed three professors and artwork on Good Morning Magic today. 

There are five colleges at Strixhaven University, each represented by dual enemy colors. Verhey revealed three professors teaching at the colleges of Witherbloom, Lorehold, and Prismari. Each professor is the face of one of the five STX Commander decks. 

  • Witherbloom: Professor Willowdusk, with art by Jesper Ejsing.
  • Lorehold: Professor Osgir, with art by Victor Adame.
  • Prismari: Professor Zaffai, with art by Dmitry Velinov.

Verhey also dropped six hints about cards that players will find within the STX Commander decks, like a chef who makes Food tokens and a mono-white card that creates Treasure. Three card names were also revealed: Inferno Project, Bold Plagarist., and Paradox Zone.

The Strixhaven: School of Mages set will launch digitally on April 15 with a tabletop release scheduled for April 23. A preview stream is set to take place on March 25 starting at 11am CT on Twitch.