Here’s everything you need to know about Magic’s Mythic Championship V

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MTG Mythic Championship III Matias Leveratto
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Heading into the latter half of the 2019 Magic: The Gathering pro tournament schedule, Mythic Championship V (MCV) will be played via MTG Arena

The metagame for MCV will consist of legal MTG Standard cards, including the new Throne of Eldraine (ELD) set. Consisting of 36 challengers and 32 Magic Pro League (MPL) players, the best players in Magic will battle it out to earn Mythic Points and a piece of the $750,000 prize pool.  

How to watch MCV

Mythic Championship V is a three-day tournament, running from Oct. 18 to Oct. 20. The event is closed to the public but will be streamed live via the Magic Twitch channel. Streaming for MCV begins at 11am CT all three days and will run until the matches are complete for the day. 

Who’s playing?

A total of 68 players are competing in Magic’s MCV. 32 are from the MPL and 36 are challengers who either qualified for the tournament or were invited to participate. Four of the MPL players have a day-one bye due to finishing first in their MPL Divisions from the M20 split. 

  • Ben Stark 
  • Lee Shi Tian 
  • Seth Manfield  
  • Carlos Romão

Sixteen of the challengers are Magic Arena players who qualified via the MTGA Mythic Championship Qualifiers.

  • Kavartech
  • Vearato
  • Swifth
  • John1111
  • Honey
  • Kbzx
  • EasyMac
  • StanCifka
  • Coraiola
  • PDG
  • Enoo
  • InquisitoR
  • MTGIncomitatus
  • DarkMonaldson
  • Sebationpozzo
  • Edmvyrus

What MTG format is being played?

Tournaments played via MTG Arena are all in the Standard Constructed best-of-three (bo3) format. The first two days are played in Modified Swiss rounds and the finals are battled out via a lower and upper bracket for the top-eight finishers from day one and two. 

  • Day one: Seven Modified Swiss rounds with 24 players advancing to day two.
  • Day two: Seven Modified Swiss rounds with eight players advancing to day three.
  • Day three: Double elimination playoffs. Winners from the upper and lower brackets will battle in the finals. The player in the lower bracket has to win two consecutive matches to win the grand finals. 

Who’s casting?

As in previous Mythic Championship tournaments, Wizards of the Coast didn’t spare any expenses with its casters. Sean “Day9” Plott will return as the main host, supported by Maria Bartholdi. 

Providing play-by-play analysis are Marshall Sutcliffe and AliasV, supported by MTG experts Brian Kibler, Paul Cheon, and Cedric Phillips. Handling the post-match interviews as the onsite reporter is Becca Scott.  

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The fifth Magic Mythic Championship (MTG Arena) begins on Oct. 18 to Oct. 20.