Top 16 MTG Arena players earn an invite to Mythic Championship V

StanCifka returns to Magic as if he never left.

Stanislav “StanCifka” Cifka top 16 MCQ for MTG MCV
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

After two days of grueling MTG Arena play, 16 Magic: The Gathering players have earned seats to the world’s stage at Mythic Championship V, including Stanislav “StanCifka” Cifka. 

With 1,000 of the top-ranked players on MTGA heading into the Mythic Championship Qualifiers this weekend, only 128 made it to day two. After seven rounds of modified Swiss matches, a mere 16 remained, earning themselves an invite to MCV and a chance to cash in on a prize pool of $750,000.  

  • Kavartech: Mono-Green
  • Vearato: Orzhov Vampires
  • Swifth: Scapeshift
  • John1111: Orzhov Vampires
  • Honey: Four-Colored Legends
  • Kbzx: Orzhov Vampires
  • EasyMac: Orzhov Vampires
  • StanCifka: Four-Colored Legends
  • Coraiola: Orzhov Vampires
  • PDG: Scapeshift
  • Enoo: Feather
  • InquisitoR: Feather
  • MTGIncomitatus: Scapeshift
  • DarkMonaldson: Feather
  • Sebationpozzo: Scapeshift
  • Edmvyrus: Feather

Casually making it into the top 16 is StanCifka, a TCG esports genius Magic fans will remember from the 2010s. Hearthstone players may recognize him as the man who earned the Czech national team a first-place championship finish at the Hearthstone Global Games in 2017.

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Much like the run Matias Leveratto made at MCIII, expect StanCifka to shake up the field come Oct. 18 at MCV. Playing Four-Colored Legends, StanCifka referred to the deck as “one of the craziest decks I’ve ever built.” 

There were other variations of Four-Colored Legends that also made it to the top 16, along with the hottest archetype currently running in Standard, including Orzhov Vampires, Boros Feather, Scapeshift, and one Mono-Green from Kavartech. 

The MTGA Mythic Championship V takes place on Oct. 18 through Oct. 20


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