Here are the best Theros: Beyond Death decklists played during MTG Arena Early Access

Craft a top deck upon launch.

MTG Theros Beyond Death Release
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

The official digital launch of Theros: Beyond Death will take place today. To help players hit the Ranked ladder at full steam, some of the MTG Arena streamers who participated in the Early Access Event have shared their favorite Standard Constructed decklists. 

There were dozens of jaw-dropping plays and moments witnessed during yesterday’s Early Access Event played on MTG Arena while streamers experimentally crafted with the new Theros: Beyond Death (THB) set. From an X=340 Hydroid Krasis to Gary stealing life, those streaming yesterday proved that the hype surrounding THB is legitimate. 

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A variety of the powerful decklists displayed yesterday are available for players to net-deck upon today’s launch. Top Magic players like Jeff Hoogland and Ali Eldrazi have several THB decklists ready for those who didn’t have early access to the set on MTGA. Hoogland rated his GR Nyxbloom Ramp deck the highest, followed by White Aggro and Citadel Devotion. 

Eldrazi spent a good amount of time with chat perfecting Happy Onion and Dimir Control, too.

From Mono-White Aggro to Sultai Pog, there are several archetypes and cards that are going to turn the Standard Constructed metagame upside down once THB launches today. 

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The Theros: Beyond Death set will go live on MTG Arena roughly between 11am and 12pm CT today. For tabletop players, THB prerelease weekend runs from Jan. 17 to 19, with the official release taking place on Jan. 24.