Everything you need to know about MTG Arena Mythic Championship VII

May the best player win.

Mythic Championship V standings Semifinals and final matches
Screengrab via Twitch.tv/magic

The stakes are high at Mythic Championship VII with a prize pool of $750,000, Mythic Points, and a seat at the Magic World Championship. 

The last major Magic: the Gathering tournament of 2019 takes place from Dec. 6 to 8. It’ll be the first major Standard format event played since the release of Throne of Eldraine without Oko, Once Upon a Time, and Veil of Summer. And it’s the last chance for Magic Pro League players to secure a seat in next season’s MPL. 

The winner of Mythic Championship VII will earn a spot in the coveted Magic Worlds Championship with a $1 million prize pool. And the two top-ranked non-MPL Mythic Point players will earn a guaranteed seat in the MPL for 2020. 

Who’s playing at MCVII?

The field consists of 68 total players—32 MPL pros, the top 16 players from the Eldraine Magic Arena Qualifiers, and 16 players who received discretionary invites.

Four of the 68 total players received a day-one bye during the MPL Eldraine split. The Magic Pro League players who earned these byes are Márcio Carvalho, William Jensen, Shota Yasooka, and Piotr Głogowski

Other notable names playing as Challengers at Mythic Championship VII include Stephen “Crokeyz” Croke, Chris Pikula, Gabriel “YellowHat” Nassif, Stanislav “StanCifka” Cifka, Kat Light, and Chris Kvartek. 

What are the Mythic Point rewards?

Mythic and Players Points measure a player’s level of success at major tournaments over the course of a season and determine which players get into either the MPL or Rivals league. Mythic Points are earned via Mythic Championships (Arena and tabletop), MC Qualifiers, and in the MPL split. 

StandingsMythic Points earned
First50 points
Second42 points
Third to fourth37 points
Fifth to eighth32 points
Ninth to 1624 points
17 to 2817 points
29 to 6811 points

Every player earns an automatic 11 Mythic Points just for showing up at an Arena MC. But for those points to hold any significance at Mythic Championship VII, players will need to make it to at least the top-eight.

What are the prize earnings?

Much like Mythic Points, every player who shows up to an Arena MC earns some part of the total prize pool. But it’s only the top-28 who start earning the big bucks. 

StandingsPrize money earned
Fifth to 16th$12,500
17th to 68th$7,500

What’s the format?

Three days of play will take place at Mythic Championship VII in a best-of-three Standard Constructed format. Unlike tabletop MCs, Arena events don’t feature rounds in Limited Draft.

The first two days consist of Modified Swiss rounds, while the playoffs on day three are played via a double-elimination bracket. Whoever wins the lower bracket on day three needs to win two consecutive matches in the finals to secure the MCVII title. The upper bracket player only needs to win one match in the finals. 

Who are the casters?

Sean “Day9” Potts will be hosting MCVII, just like he has for every Arena Mythic Championship throughout the 2019 season. The desk will be led by Maria Bartholdi, along with Marshall Sutcliffe, AliasV, Paul Cheon, Brian Kibler, and Cedric Phillips. Becca Scott will be reporting from the floor. 

What’s the schedule?

Coverage of all three days will begin at 11am CT from Dec. 4 to 6 and air via Magic’s Twitch channel. Only the top-24 players make it to day two, meaning competitors need to achieve five wins. Day two will whittle the field down to eight, who will fight it out on day three in a double-elimination bracket. 

  • Day one: Eight rounds of Modified Swiss best-of-three Standard Constructed.
  • Day two: Seven Modified Swiss rounds consisting of the top 24 players.
  • Day three: A Double-Elimination bracket featuring the top eight players from days one and two. 

The coverage of each day will end when the goals have been met. The first two days typically run around 10 to 12 hours long. And day three of Magic Arena Mythic Championship VII is around nine to 11 hours long.