Delayed Magic Secret Lair Women’s Day orders may get free THB Collector Booster box

A huge gift may arrive with a delayed Secret Lair box.

Magic The Gathering Secret Lair Captain Sisay 
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

A Magic: The Gathering content creator reported this morning that they received a Theros: Beyond Death Collector Booster box with their delayed Women’s Day Secret Lair order. 

Several MTG paper items were delayed in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This included the Secret Lair Women’s Day order and the Ultimate Edition containing fetch lands. But WotC might be giving something back to those who purchased the delayed Women’s Day Secret Lair set, according to a Magic content creator who received a free THB Collector Booster box. 

At time of writing, no other reports have surfaced of others receiving a THB Collector Booster box with their delayed Women’s Day Secret Lair shipment. It’s possible that this could have been a mistake or that WotC is providing the Collector Booster boxes as an apology for the delay in shipping. WotC hasn’t released an official statement at this time, either. 

This wouldn’t be the first time WotC has sent a bonus item as an apology, however, and it’s plausible that the gift is legitimate. The value of a THB Collector Booster box is priced at around $185 on Amazon. If the reports are true, those who purchased a Women’s Day Secret Lair drop for $25 are getting a huge freebie as an apology for the delayed product. 

Update June 2 12:45am CT: WotC released a statement earlier this evening on Twitter apologizing to those who received a Collector Booster box because it was supposed to be an individual Collector Booster pack.

“We meant for this to be a ‘sorry for the wait’ gift due to the COVID-19 related shipping delays, and we apologize to those who are now expecting a display box,” WotC said. “Future IWD and Theros drop shipments will include an individual Collector booster.”