Oko, Thief of Crowns is breaking Brawl in MTG Arena

Oko is broko, and the player base has had enough.

Image via Wizards of the Coast

The MTG Arena community was already upset over Wizards of the Coast’s decision to limit Brawl events to one day a week, and now Oko, Thief of Crowns is breaking the metagame in the Brawl Launch. 

Oko is broken. No other commander in the Brawl Launch event has a win ratio like Oko, Thief of Crowns. And due to the overpowered nature of Oko in the Brawl Launch event, many Magic players are conceding matches against decks with the thief of crowns as commander. 

“Everyone should do this,” said a Reddit user. “If Oko decks have a 100% win rate then maybe, just maybe, there is a very small chance that eventually WotC will take into account the possibility to consider that there could be a problem.”

Players aren’t surprised by the Brawl Launch results, as Oko is already on the hot seat for a possible future ban in Standard. But at least there are answers to him in Standard where a player can play multiple copies in a deck. That’s not the case with Brawl. 

Oko has the ability to disrupt every archetype and commander in Brawl. And for Magic players seeking out a fun casual game this weekend in MTG Arena are finding themselves frustrated and annoyed. 

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“The second you play your commander, it just gets turned into an elk or stolen,” says a Reddit user. “It’s not fun.”

The MTG Arena Brawl Launch event runs until Nov. 1. The next Banned and Restricted date is Nov. 18.